Gordon Martin

Gordon Martin attended U.C. Davis, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Environmental Science and Urban Forestry. He has spent the past 40 years in the field of forest products management studying and working to find solutions to efficiently transform architectural salvage. His objective, in the spirit of sustainable forestry management, is to integrate reclaimed lumber in today’s construction and architectural design.

Sonya Levinson

Sonya Levinson has spent over 14 years managing our operations from inventory control, materials handling, logistics to quality assurance. Her organizational acumen, product knowledge, and people skills contribute in moving the ball down field and into the end zone. Her passion and drive puts the ball between the uprights.

Lauren Tognetti

Lauren Tognetti attended Northern Arizona University with a degree in Communications and Business Management. Lauren’s extraordinary skills in business development and target marketing aid in navigating the ever-changing social media environment. Her passion and commitment to sustainability and creative spirit is evident.

In The Mill

We have a team of artisan craftsmen working in the mill.
Their dedication and passion resurrect vintage timber providing it a new purpose in architecture and interior design.