We’re vertically integrated with Sonoma Milling Company. Our Architectural Millwork includes High-Quality Wood Fabrication & Remanufacturing Services. We’re the largest and most diverse wood fabrication & remanufacturing services plant in the Western United States. We specialize in Architectural Millwork, working with many woodworkers, sawmills, cabinet shops and contractors to transform raw wood material into high-quality moulding, tongue & groove flooring and decking, specialty fencing, solid wood beams, structurally engineered wood beams & column wraps, cabinetry panels, and more!  As an added service, we offer the benefit of being vertically integrated with Sonoma Millworks. We’re located on 4-acres in Healdsburg CA.

Our VinoPlank™ or “finished goods” business model embraces the sustainability and transformation of wood waste to functional art. Nothing goes to waste. Moulding can be fashioned with the smallest piece of salvage. Optimized material from longer pieces of scrap are laminated and transformed to functional art. We also transform salvaged and reclaimed wood slabs and burls including Olive Wood, Bay Laurel, Sargent Cypress, Walnut, and more. In addition to our inventory, we have access to much more reclaimed and salvaged wood by request.

Sonoma Millworks Fabrication and Remanufacturing Machine Centers:

Timber Transformation Shop

This center houses a 30” Orton single head planer that was used in the “Factory” at Pacific Lumber Co. Scotia. The Turner vertical resaw and Brewer 12×12 Horizontal thin kerf resaw. A Martin traveling gantry beam saw can rip up to 48” wide and 40’ long. A Cantek MSR Straight line gang rip saw has 14” width capacity. Slab leveler can accommodate 48” x 16’. The Nyle kiln is a dehumidifier for up to 20’ material.

Millwork Shop #1

This building is our millwork center housing 3 moulder/shapers and a Logosol profile moulder and can accommodate up to 20” width. We can profile most any moulding. A Laguna nylon drum and flapper sanding drum finish profile patterns. The Wintersteiger 6” frame saw can veneer as thin as a business card. The Rosenquist two axis radio frequency laminating press can accommodate 60” x 12’. Two drum sanders one 36” and one 42” can sand slabs and doors. A stroke sander will handle any width and length to 12’. The Techno CNC is a 3-Axis (X,Y,and Z) operating on a 5×12 table.

Planer and Moulder Shop #2

The planning and moulder building contains two high speed moulders. A Leadermac 623 Platinum 6 head and a Leadermac 530C 5 head with feed speeds up to 150fpm. They produce a high quality finish. Knives are ground and sharpened on site. We have over 300 pattern knives in the grinding room. A Cantek top and bottom planer will size up to 6” x 17” with helical head cutters. A Cantek MSR 300 Straight line gang rip.

Assembly and Finish

The assembly and finish shop is where our furniture and doors are fitted and finished. It houses another radio frequency laminating press, Timesaver drum and edge sanders and various saws and joining machines.

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