Reclaimed Redwood Wine Tank

Reclaimed from Beaulieu Vineyard with historical provenance

For decades the barrel room at Beaulieu Vineyards contained large redwood tanks (over 100 years old) which at one time were used for fermenting large lots of wine. These were stored all the way up until around 2017 when they were finally removed. It was at this time that Sonoma Millworks was able to reclaim their redwood tanks as a means to give them new life.

Old Growth Redwood 

At Sonoma Millworks, our old growth, Patina Redwood Wine Tank reclaimed wood is in rare supply. Old growth Redwood comes from very large vintage trees that grew over centuries in relatively undisturbed forests. These 900+ year old trees grew slowly due to shade and competition from larger trees. As a result, they have tighter growth rings and denser wood.  Today, old growth Redwood is scarce after extensive logging from the 1850’s up until the 1980’s. Due to its availability at the time, Redwood was readily used as a vessel to transport wine on ships up the coast of California.

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