Salvaged Bay Laurel

Salvaged Bay Laurel is a wonderful choice for your custom countertop or table

One characteristic which makes this wood particularly special is how slowly it grows, taking centuries for the trees to reach full maturity. The wood of the myrtle is exceptionally dense and fine-grained. Myrtle wood has many faces from big ribbons to tight fiddleback , and it goes by many names locally here on the North coast such as California Bay Laurel, California Pepper Wood or Myrtle. Depending upon your chosen finish, the tones can be rich and vibrant or warm and neutral. 

The California Bay Laurel is a distinctive tree in California. The only native species in the ancient family Lauraceae to occur in the state. Its range runs from the Umpqua River in Oregon along the Pacific Coast ranges where it reaches its greatest size and into the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. It is a companion tree found in redwood and mixed conifer habitats. 

Example: The below Bay Laurel slab was taken from a wind fall on the border of Sonoma and Mendocino County. Its age was estimated at 110 years.

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